Attribution in Research: Decoding plagiarism

Participants are guided on ensuring authenticity of works used in creating research knowledge. “ Understand the differences between citation and attribution. Understand how to attribute and cite works properly. Understand the process to verifying works against plagiarism.

Literature Search, Review and Evaluation

A strategy to defining your literature requirements, collecting literature and writing a literature review. “ This course will help learners to: Evaluate the purpose of a literature review Develop and clarify their thinking, embed their ideas, and articulate their thoughts clearly Identify the key preparation steps of a literature review and use each step to […]

Theory and Theoretical Framework

Researchers learn everything about theory oriented research in advancing knowledge and theoretical assumptions. Researchers learn how they can clarify and validate research theories through empirical methods. “- the role of theories in research – how to develop theories in research – Different types and levels of theory – how to approach theoretical assumptions. – how […]

Commercial Research

The session is about working together with commercial enterprise to answer a research question. Case studies of this are shared and participants learn the relationship of the research organisations and commercial organisations. “ – how commercial research differs from academic research. – What is R&D – why R&D is important for commercial organisations/the benefits of […]

Data collection, Analysis and Synthesis

Researchers learn about the types of data they can collect and how to go about gathering them in the most effective and efficient manner. “- How to select data collection tools – Tools for analysing data – Methods for analysing data. – How to interpret data in meaningful ways. “

Research Strategy: Design, Methodology and Conceptual Frameworks

We take researchers through the steps to creating a plan and strategies to answer their research questions, monitor and execute their study. We look at all the types of research design and methods and which areas they are most effective. Researchers learn how to create their research strategy and conceptual frameworks. “ How to plan […]

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