Desmond Ashikwei

Lecturer and Researcher, All Nations University, Ghana

Desmond Nii Ashitey Ashikwei is a citizen of Ghana. A researcher to Prof Omowumi Iledare, a global professor Emeritus in Petroleum Economics and Policy from Louisiana State University. Desmond is a GNPC Professorial Chair’s scholar, Nelson Mandela Institute Scholar and Pan African Materials Institute Scholar.

He currently works as a lecturer and researcher at All Nations University, Ghana where he lectures Reservoir Simulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Oil and Gas Economics and Resource Cost Engineering. He has supervised over five project works in the area of Simulation and Petroleum Economics.

Desmond is also currently pursuing Doctorate degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Mines and Technology.

As a lecturer and researcher, Desmond has built a Petroleum Economic models and analysed them. Prof Omowumi supervised Desmond’s Masters thesis where he reviewed the current petroleum fiscal system of Ghana and proposed a more progressive one that can be more efficient and progressive. He is currently worked on a research where he is comparing Ghana’s fiscal regime to other producing countries in Africa and make proposals to Ghana’s current Fiscal regime.

Desmond is an expert in the use of @RISK Stochastic software for Morte Carlo Simulation, Matlab and Python. He teaches and supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students on Petroleum Economic modeling and sensitivity analysis. As a Petroleum Economist specialized in modeling, he has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and has also presented academic and policy papers at both international and local levels.

Desmond has completed the Petroleum Economic Model for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) members from Africa and individual countries like Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Guinea.